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Jamesv1.16 Release
Hey guys, just to let everyone know v1.16 has been released. We now support OSRS cache formats along with 317. I have higer revision support planned for the next release which should be out fairly soon!
Quote:A rewrite of the cache handler
  • The RSAM cache library I was previously using has been replaced with Displee's cache library. 
  • A plugin has been written to support pure OSRS caches
  • Support has been added so plugins can specify which index a resource should be loaded from 
  • OSRS sprite archive decoding has been added
  • XTEA support has been added to map decoding

New features
  • The tile selection tool has been rewritten so selecting tiles is a lot clearer and smoother
  • The tile selection tool now shows different colours for selected and pending-selected tiles
  • The show tile flag options now display as a different colour depending on the current height level
  • Holding CTRL while moving will now slow the camera movement down
  • Holding ALT while using the S_F tool will remove the selected flag from the tile
  • Holding SHIFT while painting overlays will only paint onto tiles with existing overlays (and keep their shape)
  • A checker brush has been added to the brush shapes (use Q or E to switch between the checker position)
  • An absolute height option has been added that allows you to set the height using the height tool on z > 0 more clearly
  • You can now show overlay and underlay ids as floating text in world
  • You can now show tile heights as floating text in the world in absolute or standard format
  • You can now set the height for the S_H tool without having to open a new window  
  • Added a remapper tool that takes a .json and a folder of maps, and converts any ID into a differnt ID given in the json file (used for updating maps between pre 180 and 180+)

Object swatches
  • Object swatches now save their rotation
  • You can now give nicknames to object swatches
  • Object swatches can now be dragged around and reordered
  • There is a new right click option on object swatches that will open it in the object viewer

  • Memory usage has been reduced
  • Lag when multiple regions are loaded and you're using a tool has been reduced
  • The map_index editor now uses a threadpool to generate the images for each chunk
  • Removed key and mouse input from the main render loop for more responsiveness
  • Changed how often the minimap redraws
  • The S_O and D_O tool will only highlight a single (closest) object if multiple objects are under the mouse

Bugfixes & Misc
  • Textures > 50 are now supported everywhere in the editor and not just on models
  • Changed how shortcut are done when using tools
  • Fixed import/pasting tiles not being undoable 
  • Fixed a bug that would make undoing deleting walls/wall decorations fail sometimes
  • You can no longer type in the current height box
  • The editor layout has been modified slightly, the minimap is now 256 x 256 and most dialogue boxes now use the dark theme

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