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Jamesv1.15.0 Released
Hey guys, I just released a new version of the editor. Head over to the Map Editor section to download the latest update.

Update notes:
  • You can now remove single flags from tiles by selecting the flag and CTRL + Click the tile
  • Undo/Redo system has been reworked slightly
  • Map_Index editor has been added
    • Option is under Tools > Show map_index editor
    • Right click a region to edit the landscape and object files
    • Save to file (you have to pack yourself)
  • New map generator (WIP)
    • Can be found using File>New
    • Currently supports generating tile heights
    • Allows for an inset of water distance (tiles at height 0) around the generation
    • Heights at 0 are water, 800 is the maximum height. The default values are the general heights you'd find on a map.
    • Tile conditions are currently disabled as they are WIP.
    • You can load images to use as maps, they will be scaled to the current width/length option
    • Not generating anything will generate a flat map with all heights 0
  • Multi-region support
    • New file format for multiple regions (*.pack)
    • Loading multiple .gz/.dat files at once
    • Load multiple regions from one coordinate/hash
    • Save to .gz/.dat, .pack files
  • Full map view is implemented for a 256 x 256 view of each region (supports multiple regions)
    • Can be found under Tools > Show full map
    • Shows chunk borders
    • Shows camera position
    • Allows for saving (will save borders & camera position if turned on)
  • Switched object UIDs from long to an object
  • FPS/General improvements
    • Changed how hidden tiles are handled/rendered
    • Fixed an issue with height saving
    • An issue that would cause the cache file provider to crash and hang the UI has been fixed
    • Auto saving has been changed to run on a seperate thread as not to cause freezing
    • Flag system has been changed to use BitFlag for convenience of code
    • Delete tiles window now has delete flags and delete tiles above option
    • Several other changes/bug fixe

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